live 90-Minute Idea Brainstorming Session

* Curiosity & Creativity *

Let's Play With Ideas For Your Freestyle Business Card Book

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You Can Attend For Only $10!

I've set aside 90 minutes of my time to brainstorm ideas with you, and here's what that will look like:

Get Comfortable & Settle In!

Of course we'll spend a few minutes getting to know each other and get comfortable chatting. No one wants to jump straight into exercises - no matter how fun they are! We'll have a warmup to get our creative juices flowing, and get settled into the idea of what we're going to do together. I'll explain the brainstorming process and let you start thinking about how it will apply to YOU and YOUR business.

Brainstorming for Your Business Card Book!

The bulk of our time will be spent on brainstorming ideas together for each person's Business Card Book. I think you'll find this to be an extrememly valuable experience, even if you think you aren't yet ready to write a book for your business. Most people, once they have done these brainstorming sessions with me, cannot WAIT to get started on their book. And even if you aren't feeling that way (yet) you will be inspired with a brand-new rush of creative ideas for whatever writing you DO want to do in your business.

Q & A and Masterclass Offer

After we brainstorm ideas together for about an hour, we will wrap up with some Q & A time and I will offer you the chance to get into the upcoming Freestyle Business Card Book Masterclass and Workshop, where you'll be able to actually start putting that book together and getting it ready for publication. As an attendee of this Curiosity and Creativity Session, you'll receive a coupon code with a significant  discount off the regular rate of the Masterclass. There's no obligation to attend the Masterclass, of course, but I think you'll love the deal I offer you! 


Freestyle Business Card Book Masterclass - Perfection in Action

Yes! Teresa Miller's Business Card Book Masterclass is perfection in action and helped me craft my book from my "assets", as she put it, from content I already have that clearly tells people who I am in my authentic voice. She helped me pull the puzzle pieces together and find the glue. Frankly, she must charge ten times the tuition... for what Teresa gives is priceless.

Donna Blevins, PhD Author - MindShift On-Demand

About Your Creative Guide

Teresa Miller - Freestyle Mentor

Ideas light me up, and nothing brings me more joy in my business than helping others find their spark of creativity - the thing that lights THEM up. When you're living and working in creativity, then business becomes a fun and exciting exploration of opportunity. One of my superpowers is the ability to help others see new ways of thinking about possibilites, and to create revolutions in the way people think.

Let's see where the ideas lead and not be afraid to follow!